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Tattoo Equipment

How Ax Prices Tattoos  

     As you may know tattoos can be a bit pricey but to break it down as a client paying for a specific tattoo procedure the price we give our clients is based on six very important things...

     Ax bases her prices based on materials being used, placement of art on the body, Intricacy of procedure, Estimated time of the procedure and lastly the artists experience and what they are capable of doing based on the quality of work they perform.

    Ax has spent over 6 years studying and creating art, traveling state to state to learn different techniques from several experienced artists and practiced over 4500 hours of applying ink into skin the most clean and proper way a tattoo should be done. Below Ax will list some example styles of tattoos and share starting rates based on the six reasons!

Tattoo pricing
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Tattoo Pricing Examples 

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